[Not] Walking in a Winter Wonderland

27 Nov

It’s snowing outside as I type. It’s beautiful and gives me a fuzzy glow. It turns our very ordinary street into a winter wonderland!

This morning we went to the library for our first singing session. I was feeling all organised – we’d drive instead of walking, as it was actually snowing which seemed a justifiable reason to drive. I had packed snacks & diapers & drinks & random stuff & a bag to carry home any books we checked out. The kids (and myself) were super bundled up – DD looks beyond cute as her red hat has ears on it and DS’s mittens are gorgeous. This is the firstI was, dare I say it, feeling a little smug at how organised I was..I was also a little excited – this was our first “activity” in our new town and would it be like the sessions at our local London library?

And then we set off. Firstly it was kind of mad to drive in falling snow (it was my first time doing it). And then parking was a faff – I drove around and around looking for a spot, silently cursing all the bloody piles of leaves that still need to be collected, reducing on-street parking. Time was ticking – parking was taking longer than I’d expected. And I hate to be late!

When we finally park up I get the 8 month old in the Ergo and grab my handbag & random stuff bag. And then the 2 year old reveals that he will not walk in snow. He will only move if he has a “hippie up”. I’m explaining how I just can’t carry him on my hip, due to the baby & the bags but it’s OK as he loves walking and the library is just there and we’re about to have so much fun singing etc etc. No dice.

He Will Not Walk.

I try bribing with raisins. Again no dice. Which is fair enough as raisins aren’t that appealing when your hands are all mittened up. But still, raisins are usually foolproof!

Cute as he looks in his hat & snow gear, he’s not budging without being carried.  So I lug him along. His sister thinks it’s all hilarious – he’s so close to her, there’s snow falling on us all, she’s laughing and smiling. He’s much less happy. He doesn’t like the snow, either on the ground or on his eyelashes. Or on my hair. Or on his sister’s hat. Or anywhere really. I’m also much less happy – my back is killing me and I feel like an idiot for not even anticipating that this might happen!

The singing session was fine. We then checked out some books. And that was fine too. And then we got all dressed up in our outdoor gear again and headed for the door. The snow was heavier and the whole place looked even more blanketed. And my son would still not walk in it. He still did not like it. So I lugged him back up the couple of blocks to the car (with his sister laughing the whole way, there’s obviously nothing funnier than her mum carrying her and her big bro through snow!).

Overall it was definitely not the winter wonderland I’d imagined when we set out. And there’s no way I’m attempting an outing like that again while he’s in snow refusal mode – my back won’t take it! So I think it’s time to get back to snow basics. Or take baby snow steps. Or something. Like looking out the window at the snow. And sitting on the front porch looking at it. And then, hopefully, playing in the yard with it. It’s time for Operation It’s Snow Problem to begin!


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