Election 2012

6 Nov

So the polls are closing across the country and the votes are being counted. Our first election night living in the US is well underway and it’s nail-biting stuff. I’m hoping that Obama will be declared the winner in time for me to enjoy a good night’s sleep!

The thing I find most heartening is hearing about exit polls showing women voting for Obama and out-voting men. This is so important, as the attacks on women and their reproductive rights and equality, were such a scary part of the Romney campaign. Whole binders full of women are voting for Obama! Big bird would be proud!

It’s great to hear of women voting in support of each other by supporting a pro-choice President who supports equal rights. It turns the focus of the media onto the power of women as a political force. I hope that power translates into Obama as the winner!
OK, back to nervously refreshing websites and keeping an eye on Twitter to see how these electoral college votes are stacking up…


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