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The day after the hurricane

31 Oct

After the storm

This tree was felled by Sandy last night and we came across it in our local park. Luckily she fell into the park, avoiding the road, the houses opposite and the power lines. In fact, the direction she fell could explain why we still have power when so many in our town are without.
This time 24 hours ago I was hunkering down at home as the winds howled outside, rattling windows and making the trees around us bend and twist. It was more than a little terrifying. But I’m grateful that we’ve emerged unscathed, bar a fitful night’s sleep. We even have power when others in our town and the state do not. So many, from Haiti to close by us in New Jersey, have been so terribly affected. Hurricane Sandy was mother nature at her most devastating.

So much has happened since I last posted. We packed up our life in London. We said goodbye to wonderful friends. We spent a month living on the 34th floor of a building in midtown, with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline. We found an amazing house to rent in Maplewood, NJ. We’ve spent lots of time with my in-laws, which the children love (and we do too). And we moved into our house in Maplewood a little over a week ago.

So to be suddenly faced with the worst storm in living memory was quite a challenge after the staid old weather we’d been used in London. We filled everything we could with water. We stocked up on candles and made sure our torches (or flashlights as I should say now I’m in America!) had batteries. We moved everything off the floor of the basement. We kept track of the storm online and we made contact with loved ones, both those in the path of the storm and those in Ireland and the UK.

Walking around today, seeing the beautiful trees felled and maimed by the wind, made me think about how we’re putting down new roots even while these trees have been uprooted. I’m glad we’ve made the move, despite the sadness I felt leaving London and the wonderful life we had there. I’m hoping we build an equally happy life here in Maplewood.