Father’s Day

17 Jun

I’m taking the opportunity to wish my wonderful husband a very happy Father’s Day!

I am so lucky to be walking my path as a mother alongside your path as a father. You’re not just a hugely fun parent – the sound of you and our children laughing together is one of the biggest pleasures in my life – but you also truly share all the ups and downs. You’re as willing to wash a load of dirty nappies as you are to sit with our 2 year old son playing blocks as long as he wants. You’re also the best cook I know, as well as patient enough to still prepare amazing food while having our son “help” out! You balance the demands of your career with the demands of your family, which is no easy thing.

I am proud that our children will grow up with you as their father.

Especially as I know how important a father is. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful father myself. A man who put his family first and was very present and hands-on, when it wasn’t fashionable (this was 70s Ireland after all). But he died of a heart attack when I was 8 and my world collapsed. I still miss him nearly 27 years later. We named our son after him and I look forward to telling him about his grandfather as he grows. My father would have admired you.

Right, I’d hoped to bring you coffee in bed but I can hear you getting up with our daughter (12 weeks today) and our 2 year old. So much for your lie-in! I love you xxx


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