Moving towards moving…

13 Jun

Today I had my medical exam for my US Green Card.

It was fine, though my arms are a little ache-y after the vaccinations I needed. My baby girl behaved brilliantly throughout, happy to chill in her car seat (lugged there on the tube just so she’d have somewhere comfy to sit while I had my x-ray etc) while I was prodded and poked and questioned. The visa application is trotting along and we’ve hired an immigration lawyer, which feels so grown-up, but it helps ease the stress a bit. Depending on when my interview date comes through, it looks like we’ll be leaving London in September to move to the NYC commuter belt in northern NJ.

The vague moving plans are starting to get clearer.

Our flat, which is lovely for two and dinky for three, feels positively titchy for four. Friends and family have been so generous with gifts and hand-me-downs for our baby daughter but the vast majority are sitting in suitcases in our bedroom. Because we have no where else to put them. Our daughter’s bedside co-sleeper cot, small as it is, makes the bedroom feel tiny. I haven’t been able to open my half of the wardrobe in months.

Which is why, sitting in our hallway waiting to be unpacked, are some moving boxes. Operation Declutter is underway. I want to start packing away anything we don’t use day-to-day. I want to make space (we’ve hired a lock-up garage to store the boxes until we move). I want to identify things that won’t come to the States with us and find them good homes on this side of the pond. Decluttering is a practical step I can take towards this new stage in our family life.

It’s all about moving towards moving…



2 Responses to “Moving towards moving…”

  1. Singlemarriedmum June 14, 2012 at 11:43 am #

    So lovely to see you pop back up on my blogger reading list – many, many congratulations!
    All the very best with your applications and pre-move plans x

    • lowimpactmama June 17, 2012 at 5:46 am #

      Thank you! I’ve just about had time to read my favourite blogs (your’s included!) but have been struggling a little to find time to post myself…blogger’s block I guess. But DD is 12 weeks today and I think/hope my mojo is returning!

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