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One month ago today…

25 Apr

…I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. Which explains my holiday from blogging!

It’s been a great first month together. Her older brother (who turned 2 just before she was born) is smitten with her, wanting to hug and kiss her as much as he can. Which is very cute, even if it does mean she’s caught her first cold from him already! Myself and my husband are equally smitten with her.

I had my longed for vbac* and it was incredible. I’m not too sure yet if I’ll post the birth story on here, but I found the birth exhilarating and it laid to rest some ghosts of the emergency section I’d had to birth my son. I also found my hypnobirthing practice paid off, as I handled the surges very well even without being able to use a water pool.

During the early hours of this morning, looking down at my daughter in the dim, pre-dawn light, I was reflecting on how different the newborn stage feels second time around. It all feels a lot easier, which is due in a large part to my physical recovery from the natural birth (so much easier than after the section). But the other big difference is that there isn’t such a shock from “normal”, as our normal changed forever when we had our first child.

The leap from a family of 2 to one of 3 was huge – we were so sleep deprived, but so in awe of this tiny new person we’d created. In spite of all of all the reading and talking and classes, nothing quite prepares you for the intensity of parenthood. So, while friends and family with older children kept telling us to enjoy this newborn stage, we were just busy metaphorically keeping our heads above water. But the leap from 3 to 4 seems easier (it definitely helps that our son seems to enjoy being a big brother!).

We have experience now. We know that this newborn stage passes fast, that every day that passes is a day closer to this tiny, dependent person growing up and away from us. So we’re doing our best to savour it.

It also helps that this time I knew things immediately that I had to learn from scratch first time around: how to breast feed comfortably from the first feed; how to avoid thrush when I had to take antibiotics after the birth; how to feed lying down so that night feeds are more relaxed, sleepy affairs; how to slow down and enjoy the hours she spends asleep on or next to me…

So happy one month-a-versary baby girl!

*vaginal birth after caesarian