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Mothers Day

18 Mar

Today is Mother’s Day. And a lovely day I’ve had too.I feel so lucky to have a wonderful son (and husband) and to have another baby so imminently on his or her way.

My day started when my son (who turned two on Friday) brought me breakfast in bed, which consisted of a glass of orange juice and two hot cross buns, with a small jar of the blackberry jam we made last year (he was ably assisted by his dad).  The three of us sat in bed eating hot cross buns (or eating spoonfuls of jam, in my son’s case) while I admired the lovely card he’d made.

We spent the morning at Finsbury Park playground. We gave our boy a micro scooter for his birthday so today was day 3 of his scooter love affair. His favourite thing is to scoot to the park (or scoot to the local high street…or scoot the length of the flat…or scoot anywhere really!). It certainly makes walks easier, as he has no desire to be picked up. Which is great as carrying him is not easy for me at the moment. We walked home via the parkland walk, where the little ball I’d hidden in my handbag came in handy (it was too muddy to scoot, but certainly not too muddy to dribble a ball!).

Then it was off to South West London for my niece’s 5th birthday party. I remember her birth day so clearly, that it’s incredible to imagine that five years have passed. In fact my due date (23 March) is actually her birthday…and she was born on her due date, so it’s amazing to think myself and my sister share a due date 5 years apart. Though I went to 42 weeks with my son (when I was induced) so I’m trying to be prepared for the fact that my baby may not arrive for some weeks yet! Much as I’d love a due date arrival I’m not holding my breath.

It’s been a wonderful start to maternity leave. After a lot of stress, I finished up at work on 2 March. And since then I’ve caught up with friends, spent a lot of time with my son and husband, sorted out some of the clutter of the flat (though my hospital bag is not yet officially finished – it’s sort of packed but I need to edit it down, so to speak). Our son had his first hair cut last week and was instantly transformed from baby to boy. I had been so emotional about it, but I’m happy that he looks more like an older brother to be.

I’ve not been enjoying the internet much, which is why my blog has virtual tumble weed blowing through it! For some reason, I’ve not had much desire or energy to blog or tweet or browse Facebook. I’ve had a lot of time for the Childbirth section of Mumsnet, but that’s about it!

When I was pregnant with my son, I was so impatient. I wanted to meet him, and tried all the old tricks – I walked for miles, I bounced on my ball for hours at a time, I devoured whole pineapples, I ate more hot curry than is sensible, I mainlined raspberry leaf tea, I took so much evening primrose oil I thought the baby would be born capsule shaped…I even bought castor oil but was too scared to use it. My mum kept reminding me that babies in our family, particularly first babies, go overdue but I just ignored her. We were so sure of our dates (I’d had ICSI so knew almost the hour of conception) that I was convinced our baby would arrive close to the due date. So I spent those last weeks in a cocoon of impatience and mounting anxiety. After a text book, easy pregnancy, I was suddenly facing pressure to be induced. Each day that passed was another day further from my planned home water birth. Finally, I gave in and was induced at 42 weeks.

This time I’m going to wait for labour to start naturally. This baby will arrive when he or she is ready and while I’ll hope that’s sooner rather than later, I’m happy to wait as long as it takes. And making that decision has made me relaxed enough to enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy. So I’ve been enjoying my bump, enjoying the rhythms and rolls of this baby who has been my constant companion for months but who is still shrouded with mystery.

I’ve enjoyed this Mothers Day, my last as a mother of one.