The Longest Shortest Time

10 Jan

I have discovered the most lovely podcast series, and accompanying website, about parenthood: The Longest Shortest Time (podcasts are here). The creator and interviewer wants to help new parents know they’re not alone and so is collecting stories from a huge range of parents.

Warning: will cause tears (but good tears I hope) *

I’ve just listened to the first three (short) podcasts and had tears running down my cheeks…I was brought back to those early weeks and months – the highs of utterly loving this miraculous baby who had grown inside me, of marveling over how myself and my husband had produced such a beautiful creature…the lows of sleep deprivation, of a stressful painful start to breastfeeding, of worries about weight gain, of wondering if it would always be this way…

Of course I look at my 21 month old son now and I know that the newborn stage really is the longest shortest time. Our babies grow up, and continue to amaze and delight as they do. But I’m glad to remember where our parenthood began.

* Disclaimer: I’m nearly 30 weeks pregnant so am perhaps more emotional about all of this than I would usually be!



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