The simple pleasure of paper-cutting or How to Cut A Paper Snowflake

8 Dec

I find it incredibly satisfying to take a blank piece of paper and transform it into something decorative. It reminds me of childhood, when I would spend hours making things out of cereal boxes and scrap paper. This afternoon was a bit windy and rainy (and I was feeling all festive and organised after sending our Christmas cards this morning!), so I decided it was the perfect afternoon to get the craft scissors and paper out so we could make paper snowflakes. It was great fun, even if my son is still a little young for the scissors (he’s 20 months). He got stuck in with the folding and unfolding and seemed very impressed with the transformation from boring piece of paper into beautiful snow flake!

So I thought I’d share my simple method of cutting paper snowflakes.

Step 1: Start with a square piece of paper. I prefer to use a square as it ensures symmetry in the snowflake.

Step 2: Fold one corner to its opposite, creating a triangle two-layers of paper thick.

Step 3: Now fold the bottom corner up to the top corner, creating another triangle four-layers of paper thick.

Step 4: Fold the right-hand corner over towards the middle, creating a 60 degree angle. It looks like this:

Step 5: Then fold the left-hand corner over like this:

Step 6: The sticky out bits at the top are now surplus to requirements and need to be trimmed. These are the extra bits:

Step 7: Once you’ve trimmed the extra bits, your folded paper looks like this:

Step 8: Get cutting! You can make cuts as big or small as you like, so experiment with whatever appeals to you. This is how I cut this snowflake:

Step 9: Unfold and reveal your snowflake!

The easiest way to flatten your snowflake is to stick it in a big heavy book for a while. You could also iron it on cool…but I avoid the iron at all costs so I prefer the heavy book! You can also experiment with the size of your snowflakes by having bigger or smaller initial squares of paper.


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