I Love Washable Nappies

22 Nov

I appreciate the title of this post reveals me as a total saddo but there you go! I can’t resist the cuteness of real nappies (as ably demonstrated by my son in the picture below!).

My son aged 6 months on a sunny beach in South West Portugal

We’ve been using washable nappies on our son since a few weeks after his birth (I had a c-section, so disposables worked for us for those very early days) and they’re great. Since it’s European Week of Waste Reduction I thought it was time that I revealed my love of cloth nappies…

Deciding to go real on the nappy front actually caused me a bit of stress when pregnant. Almost everyone I mentioned it to reacted negatively. I was told my life would be dominated by laundry, by endlessly boil washing stinking buckets of soaking nappies, of pricking my fingers (and my baby’s skin) on nappy pins. I was told that disposable nappies were a Great Leap Forward for feminism and going against this grain made me anti-feminist (this was the most irritating, as I’ve been a feminist, and proud, since I was a small child! I’m sure I’ll write more another time about my thoughts on environmentalism and feminism). Even my husband was reluctant. His brother and wife had used a laundry service when diapering their two sons in the ’90s (they live in the States) and advised us to do the same.

Of course this reaction just made me even more determined to use cloth nappies. In London we’re lucky enough to have Real Nappies for London so I could use our voucher to buy several nappies to get a feel for what we wanted before having to fork out the quite big upfront cost of buying enough nappies to see us through.

We ended up mostly buying Bumgenius v3 all-in-ones and Tots Bots Bamboozles for nighttime use. We then got some Bumgenius Flips once our son was about 9 months and this combination has worked really well for us. Our main issue is drying time, as we don’t have a tumble dryer but do have a garden with a washing line. We needed nappies that dried quickly and the Bumgenius dry almost overnight, even on a cold radiator. The Bamboozles take longer but we have enough so that while some are drying others are in use.

Now that I’m pregnant with no 2 (22 weeks and counting!), I want to try some prefolds and wraps for the early months. I was a little nervous of prefolds first time around, but I’ve now used some on my son (and nappi nippas mean that nappy pins are a thing of the past) I’m quite excited about them.

For anyone considering using cloth nappies I’d highly recommend finding a local nappuccino where you can learn about different types of nappy systems and find out what would work for you and your family. There’s also loads of good information on the web (check out Go Real or Nappy Go LuckyNappy Ever After or Twinkle on the Web for loads of info and tips).


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