First steps in blogging.

14 Nov

I’ve done my best to step lightly on our planet. Over the years, I’ve tried to live sustainably and responsibly. I’m lucky enough to be married to man who shares my values to a large extent.

And then in 2009 I became pregnant with our first child. Suddenly we were faced with a wave of pressure to buy and consume and accumulate stuff. The pressure came from friends and family, from the parenting magazines given away free at my antenatal classes, from the media at large. It seems that impending parenthood has become mostly about the desire to spend, consume, accumulate. It’s as though we think we can buy ourselves the perfect family life if we can just find the perfect products.

Expressing reluctance to consume was met with skepticism from friends and family – oh we’d appreciate X when we had a screaming newborn and were half mad with sleep deprivation! When I mentioned that I was interested in using washable nappies I was met with snorts of derision from some quarters. My mum actually asked me if I’d lost my mind (luckily she changed her mind when she saw how easy and convenient modern cloth nappies are!).

But I’m nothing if not a little stubborn and skepticism is a great motivator – let’s prove them wrong! So we managed to resist drowning under a wave of stuff. We borrowed, we bought second hand, we sought genuine advice from friends and family about what worked for them and what didn’t so that we could be as thoughtful as possible about our purchase. And we did stick with cloth nappies and I’m such a huge fan of them that I’ve managed to convert some friends too. Though, 20 months on from my son’s birth, our tiny London flat does have more noisy plastic toys than I could have imagined – he just enjoys them so much! And I ease my guilt with the thought that they’re mostly second hand…

I’m now pregnant with our second child and am in the midst of  resisting the pressure to consume all over again. Though this time I’m far more confident about knowing what we need and what we don’t. But our family still has so much to learn about living a low impact life. So I’ve started this blog to help me continue our family’s journey to reduce our impact. We’re not perfect by any means (the perfect life would be boring!) but I hope I both enjoy and learn from this experience.


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